Principal Message

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, I am pleased to welcome you to Intelligent Public School and the start of what is certain to be a great year. Our driving theme is “Quality Based Education”. We believe student, teacher, staff member, parent and supporter has special talents making us a community of Champions. What makes you a champion and how will you use those skills to make our school a better place to teach and learn? IPS makes the most formidable years of a child’s academic and social life, therefore, we tailor academic, athletic, extracurricular, and social programs  and services to meet the needs of all students. Because we understand that integrity, independence and self-reflection are essential to our students being successful, our stakeholders work in unison to create a secure , dynamic environment that fuels inquiry, critical thinking, creativity and mutual respect. The middle school years are considered transition years as we move students from a very structured elementary system and prepare them for high school. Now more then ever, your child needs guidance, support and encouragement, love and understanding Children receive the best education when parents / guardians and our dedicated teachers work as a team. It’s parent enthusiasm and involvement that inspires children to do their best, and a teacher’s ability to teach what they need to learn. Together we can achieve wonderful things. We look forward to a great year. Again, welcome to Intelligent Public School where we believe, “What Happens Here Will Change the World”

Warm regards  Principal